RansomHouse Extortion Group Claims AMD as Latest Victim

RansomHouse, a relatively new data-extortion cybercrime group, has announced a major new victim. Today the group published a new update on its darknet site, claiming to have breached Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the large chip manufacturing company.

RansomHouse is claiming to have breached AMD’s network on January 5, 2022. On the group’s darknet website, they are claiming to have exfiltrated “more than 450 Gb” of data from AMD and have also published a data sample as evidence.

We examined the data sample that included network files, system information, as well as AMD passwords obtained in the alleged breach. Below is the file tree of the sample that RansomHouse has published on its website.

Source: RestorePrivacy.com

RestorePrivacy received a tip from RansomHouse that a sample of AMD data had already been leaked on the group’s website. We verified the information and the announcement as you can see below.

Source: RestorePrivacy.com “Simple passwords” the cause of breach?

It’s no secret that hackers can easily launch attacks against networks with common passwords to attempt to gain access. According to RansomHouse, this was the case with AMD, which the group claims was using “simple passwords” to protect its network.

An era of high-end technology, progress and top security…there’s so much in these words for the crowds. But it seems those are still just beautiful words when even technology giants like AMD use simple passwords like ‘password’…. to protect their networks from intrusion. It is a shame those are real passwords used by AMD

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