Quest-owned fertility clinic announces data breach after August ransomware attack

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Quest Diagnostics has informed the SEC about a ransomware attack in August that hit ReproSource, a fertility clinic owned by the company. 

The ransomware attack led to a data breach, exposing a significant amount of health and financial information for about 350,000 ReproSource patients. 

In a statement to ZDNet, Quest said ReproSource provided notice that it experienced a data security incident in which an unauthorized party may have accessed or acquired the protected health information and personally identifiable information of some patients. 

“On August 8, 2021, an unauthorized party accessed the ReproSource network. ReproSource discovered ransomware on the morning of August 10, and in less than an hour severed all network connection activity and contained the incident,” a company spokesperson explained.

“ReproSource immediately launched a comprehensive investigation to determine the cause and scope of the incident. ReproSource retained leading cybersecurity experts to assist with our investigation, confirmed containment of the ransomware, and quickly and securely recovered operations. Additionally, ReproSource

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