Quebec’s Bill 64: The first of many privacy modernization bills in Canada?

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Privacy in Quebec is about to get a major makeover — one that may lead to wider reforms across Canada. In September, lawmakers enacted Bill 64, which aims to modernize crucial aspects of the various laws governing individuals’ privacy in Quebec, amending provisions involving consent, data protection officers, notice, individuals’ rights and more.

“(Bill 64 is) actually a pretty big deal in Canada and will probably have a domino effect in terms of seeing other jurisdictions move to update their laws too,� wrote IAPP Canada Managing Director and nNovation Partner Kris Klein, CIPP/C, CIPM, FIP. And the reverberation does not stop at the nation’s border, he wrote. “Regardless of whether you’re in Quebec, this law will likely impact (privacy professionals’ work) in some way.� Klein added firms outside Canada should evaluate the operational impacts posed by Bill 64 given the chance that Quebec’s neighboring provinces may soon follow suit in modernizing their privacy and data protection statutes. 

Even with the likelihood of provincial reforms,

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