Q&A with the LogicGate Product Team

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Social posts, ads, emails—there are many ways companies try to communicate the value of their products with you before you are a customer. But there is often a lot behind the scenes that may not get as much visibility once you become a customer and a fully onboarded user of the product. 

The product team at LogicGate hosts a quarterly, customer-only product webinar to discuss our newest features, what’s next on the product roadmap, and recently released product updates. After this quarter’s product webinar, we sat down with our product team to ask them a few questions and learn more about what’s new in LogicGate’s Risk Cloud platform.

Q: What do you find helpful about the quarterly product webinars?

A: It’s an excellent opportunity to address customer questions and provide updates on newly released features and enhancements. Many of the updates we make to Risk Cloud are based directly on customer feedback, so it’s a way to come together and show how much we value

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