Proton welcomes Alisée de Tonnac and Bill Kaiser to its board

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At Proton, we have experienced incredible growth over the past seven years. Over 50 million people have signed up for Proton services to keep their personal information private. ProtonMail, which we launched in 2014, is now the world’s largest encrypted email service, and ProtonVPN, launched in 2017, is one of the fastest-growing VPNs on the market. And our upcoming products, Proton Calendar and Proton Drive, will grow our encrypted ecosystem, allowing people to protect even more of their information.

As we continue building an internet that serves the interests of everyone by expanding into new markets and developing new services and features, our organization must also grow and adapt accordingly to meet these evolving challenges and opportunities. We are therefore excited to announce that Alisée de Tonnac and Bill Kaiser are joining the Proton Board of Directors.

Alisée de Tonnac is the co-founder and co-CEO of Seedstars, a Swiss-based group whose mission is to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship.

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