Protecting Industrial Security When Uptime Is Essential

Steve King: [00:13] Good day, everyone. This is Steve King, the managing director at CyberTheory. Today’s guest will be Mark Cristiano, the commercial director for Global Business Services for Rockwell Automation. Mark spent the last 30 years in IT and enterprise and manufacturing systems leadership, about 19 of which were spent with Rockwell Automation. Rockwell is a global leader in industrial automation and employs about 25,000 people with customers in about 100 countries worldwide. Currently, Mark leads the global commercial team that focuses on industrial IoT and cybersecurity programs and managed services development for Rockwell’s connected services growth initiative, with an emphasis on facilitating IT and OT convergence. Mark is able to leverage that 30 years of IT and OT experience to help bring companies into the 21st century and into the fourth industrial revolution as we as we know it today. So, welcome to the show, Mark. I’m glad you could join us.

Mark Cristiano: [01:29] Thank you, Steve. Great to be here.

King: [01:32] Let’s jump in my first question. Let’s help me and our audience understand what all this means. So, take us on a journey through Rockwell’s move into cybersecurity: when it started, how and why it’s become the fastest business unit in terms of growth at Rockwell.

Cristiano: [01:56] It’s hard to believe, Steve, but Rockwell’s business that I lead, the network and cybersecurity services business, is now a decade old. It’s been quite a journey. The way we went to market initially was to

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