Protect against phishing with Attack Simulation Training in Microsoft Defender for Office 365

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Sophisticated cyberattacks are on the rise, with email phishing as the most common attack vector. We’ve seen it all over the news with stories like Hafnium that targeted Exchange servers1 or the Nobelium attack against SolarWinds,2 which show just how easy it is for bad actors to distribute a malicious URL and gain sustained access to networks to install ransomware across a wide number of industries and verticals. Working from home poses a greater security risk as organizations are required to rely more heavily on email communication to run their businesses, and cybercriminals have an increased opportunity to phish users.

Attack Simulation Training helps mitigate phishing risk

Microsoft has been working hard to understand these types of attacks and create solutions that help prevent, detect, and remediate vulnerability at the most basic point of attack: the user. Attack Simulation Training is one of those solutions. Attack Simulation Training is included in Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2 and

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