Proofpoint CEO on Thwarting Post-Compromise Lateral Movement

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Ashan Willy on Helping Clients Spot Hacker Techniques Insider Their Own 4 Walls Michael Novinson (MichaelNovinson) • February 3, 2023     Ashan Willy, CEO, Proofpoint (Image: Proofpoint)

Proofpoint has long focused on preventing cyberattacks, but customers have increasingly asked for help with blocking lateral movement from compromised identities, says CEO Ashan Willy.

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The acquisition of Illusive in December will help Proofpoint both block identity attack paths when a user is compromised and identify the specific attacks an adversary plans to use via deception technology. Willy says Illusive remains undefeated across 150 different red-teaming attacks. Adding that signal to the ones Proofpoint already has will help customers spot attacker techniques inside their own four walls, he says (see: Proofpoint to Buy Deception Firm Illusive, Boost Offerings).

“We do some very extensive analysis when we make acquisitions, and Illusive’s tech stack is an excellent tech stack,” Willy says. “When you do proof of concepts against other players, we’ve seen a high win rate. We’ve talked to a lot of large customers who use Illusive and said that they’ve done detailed bake-offs. As a product itself, Illusive works very well independently on its own.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Willy also discusses:

Why it’s so important to have visibility into compromised supplier accounts; What sets Proofpoint’s

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