Process safety risk, cyber security risk and societal risk

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I wanted my next blog to be a blog on quantitative risk estimation using the TRITON attack scenario, published by MITRE Engenuity some months ago, as the example for an estimation. But as I started writing the blog I kind of got lost in side notes to explain the choices made.

Topics such as the difference between threat based risk and asset based risk, the regulations around societal risk, conditional likelihood, repeatable events, dependent and independent events, and threat analysis levels slipped in the text making it a blog even longer than usual for me. But it are all elements that play an important role in quantitative risk analysis and require some level of understanding to understand the estimation method.

So I decided to split the blog into multiple blogs and discuss some of these topics as separate blogs before publishing the blog on the TRITON / TRISIS risk. The first topic I like to discuss is societal risk and how

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