Private Internet Access Now Has 50 Servers in 50 US States

While legislators play catch-up with cybercrime, Private Internet Access is helping Americans take matters into their own hands with our 50 Servers in 50 States campaign. We now offer physical or virtual locations in all 50 US states.

Our servers across the United States are a convenient way to find the best deals, maintain access to online services, and protect your privacy from the uncertainties of state and federal laws. 

Set up your own cybersecurity shield with PIA whenever and wherever you want across the US. 

What Is the 50 Servers in 50 States Campaign?

Everyone in the US should have the right to privacy, both online and off, regardless of their state. Unfortunately, the laws that protect your right to privacy in the real world don’t quite extend to the digital one. 

The United States lacks a nationwide approach to online privacy. Federal and state regulations surrounding data privacy and security are ambiguous, and they continue to fall short of tackling real-world challenges. Until we get broad, consistent legislation that protects our personal information in the digital world, we need to do what we can individually to defend ourselves. 

Not all services are available throughout the US. Many sporting events are subject to blackouts, and certain businesses do not operate across state lines. And if you’re not careful, websites can use your personal information to charge you more for certain goods.

PIA’s 50 Servers in 50 States campaign aims to provide increased convenience and online privacy to citizens

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