Private data Afghan interpreters on the street due to data breach

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The British Ministry of Defense has made a huge mistake. An employee sent an email to 250 Afghan interpreters seeking shelter in the UK. In addition, private details of the interpreters were copied from another e-mail from the ministry. This allowed all recipients to see the interpreters’ names, email addresses, contact details and in some cases profile photos. Minister Ben Wallace has apologized for the incident and said he is doing everything he can to prevent a recurrence in the future. He has the matter investigated.

Afghan interpreters want to go to the United Kingdom

The email was sent to Afghan interpreters who have worked for the British armed forces and are currently in Afghanistan or other countries. Since the Taliban took power a month ago, Afghans who have worked for Western countries are no longer safe in their own country. These are interpreters, security personnel, soldiers and Afghans who have performed related work. Because they fear for their lives now that the Taliban are in power, they want to emigrate. The Netherlands has received

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