Privacy Law Update: November 8, 2021

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Privacy Law Update: November 8, 2021

Written by Rick Buck, Chief Privacy Officer, WireWheel

Stay up to date with this weekly release covering key developments on data privacy laws, technology, and other hot privacy topics!

Newsworthy Updates Why it is unlikely the announced supplemental SCCs will materialize

The European Commission has confirmed it will develop a supplemental set of standard contractual clauses to cover data transfers to data importers already subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The confirmation appears in the minutes of the Sept. 14, 2021, European Data Protection Board meeting, where it discussed the upcoming EDPB guidelines on the interplay between Article 3 GDPR (on scope) and Chapter V (on data transfers).  This announcement is a change in course for the EC. When the EC launched the 2021 SCCs this summer, Recital 7 stated they are unnecessary when the data processing by the data

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