Privacy labels now visible in Google Play Store

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Android users who visit the Google Play Store will see privacy labels with applications from this week. In this way, the internet company wants to give users more clarity about how apps collect, share and secure data. From July 20, app developers are required to provide information for the privacy labels.

Suzanne Frey, vice president of Product, Android Security and Privacy at Google, writes in a blog.

This is what Google’s privacy labels do for you

This week, Google introduced the Data Safety Section. There, developers must make clear what information their apps collect, share and store securely. For example, if an app needs your location data to determine the fastest route, or to serve you the latest news from your hometown, developers should mention this in the new privacy section. Of course, this also applies to other data, such as photos, videos and personal data.

Presenting pure information about what data an app developer collects, without any context, was according to most users unheard of. They want to know for what purposes they need this data. They also want clarification on how user data is secured. The privacy labels are designed in such a way that developers can easily clarify these topics. Finally, users see which data is mandatory and optional to function properly.

Privacy labels give users ‘more insight and control’

Google says it has worked hard to give users more control over permissions functions for installed apps. As an example, the tech company cites location data. If an app asks for this, you can easily indicate whether the app

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