Privacy for the holidays

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Holiday season is upon us, and so are the promotional emails, sponsored ads, refer-a-friend discounts, and, of course, influencer suggestions. Scroll. Swipe. Click. Add to cart. Continue shopping.

One of the most intriguing things about the concept of privacy, if you ask me, is that it involves so many delicate acts of balance and compromise. How much do we value privacy when it is so appealing to take 10% off? How much of that transaction includes the invisible price we put on our personal data? Luckily, there is more guidance for consumers today than ever before on how valuable privacy is in the holiday marketplace.

As everyone is getting into gift-giving mode, privacy professionals may enjoy browsing through the “Privacy Not Included: a holiday buyer’s guide from Mozilla.” This product and service review site is intended to help people learn more about the most (and least) privacy-protective and data secure gadgets out there. It examines 151 different gifts, rating each based on a set

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