Privacy as code: A new taxonomy for privacy

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“Privacy by design� implies putting privacy into practice in system architectures and software development from the very beginning and throughout the system lifecycle. It is required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation in Article 25. In the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission included an entire section on privacy by design in its 2012 report on recommendations for businesses and policymakers. Privacy by design is also covered by India’s PDP Bill and by Australia’s Privacy Management Framework, to name just a few. Privacy by design has come a long way since its original presentation by Ann Cavoukian, former Canadian privacy commissioner of Ontario, in 2009.

While privacy as design is conceptually simple, its reduction to practice is not. System developers and privacy engineers responsible for it face simple but hard-to-answer questions: Where is the actual data in the organization? What types of information fall under personal data? How does one set up a data deletion process for structured as well as unstructured data?


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