Preventing Russian cyber attack on Ukraine’s power grid

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Hackers have attempted to shut down Ukraine’s power grid. Cybersecurity experts managed to repel the attack. They believe that the Russian hacker group Sandworm is responsible for the attack.

Ukrainian government spokesman Victor Zhora confirmed this to Reuters.

Attack occurred in two waves

According to Zhora, the cyber attack was carried out by a “military hacking team.” Their aim was to paralyze a number of important facilities, possibly to stem the tide of the Russian invasion. The attempt to shut down the power network has failed. The energy supplier and the power network did not suffer any damage. The spokesperson emphasized that the matter is being investigated.

According to Kiev, the cyber attack can be attributed to Sandworm. That is a hacker group that has close ties to the Kremlin. This group launched an attack last month using malware called Cyclops Blink. With this, they tried to steal and delete data and add computers to a global botnet. American and British government agencies managed to repel the attack.

Cybersecurity experts from Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA) say the attack came in two waves. First, they penetrated the computer network of a major energy supplier. That already happened in February. After that, the hackers tried to shut down the entire infrastructure this week.

Hackers upgrade malware

Slovak cybersecurity firm ESET worked with the Ukrainian government to repel the attack on the energy grid. The company says the hackers used an improved version of a program that caused power outages in Ukraine in 2016.

The malware was developed in such a way that on the

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