Preparations for the Coming Disruption in Corporate Governance and Cybersecurity

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How to Harden Your People So They Can Harden Your Cyber Defenses

New hybrid models in business have created a dichotomy in corporate governance that is accelerating disruption and exposing vulnerabilities in how organizations respond to change. Traditional governance models are proving to be inflexible and no longer sustainable where organizations have failed to adopt agile approaches to business and governance. Industry leaders, once considered Blue Chip players in the Dow Jones Index are supplanted by technology leaders in auto manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and more.

Change happens at speeds that go unnoticed until we experience the impact or our conscious mind realizes something is different. But this realization seldom takes place in time to respond efficiently. Human nature requires consistency to adapt to our environment and to allow people and organizations to develop processes that achieve reliable outcomes.

Unfortunately, human nature is hard coded to make sense of the world through five senses. When faced with novel risks and even in the face

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