Predictive Context

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Not predictions, but rather future context.

Predictive context is like a background of obviousness. If you like baseball, even if you haven’t played, you have a background of obviousness in baseball. If you are a student of cybersecurity history, yet haven’t ever held a certification, you have a context for likely-most future events

While we are all trying to figure out how to avoid the next ransomware or open-source supply chain attacks, and whether embracing a zero trust strategy is a good idea, here is some context for the next 5 years.

Based on what we have witnessed so far this year, our research team says we will probably see a steady increase and higher stakes in general disruption, distortion and deterioration.


Disruption is a category that focuses on our over-dependence on fragile connectivity, densified network complexity, production systems dependent upon open-source software embedded up front and ad hoc micro-segmentation.

These will combine to increase the risk of premeditated internet outages targeting specific

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