Practical notes for Japan's amended APPI: How to amend privacy notices

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On April 1, 2022, Japan’s amended Act on Protection of Personal Information will come into force. In previous articles, we explained the APPI amendments and updates related to subordinate regulations (i.e., enforcement orders and rules).

From August to September, Japan’s data protection authority, the Personal Information Protection Commission, published updated guidelines and Q&As for the amended APPI. These documents reveal how the PPC interprets the APPI and how it works as practical regulations businesses are required to follow.

In light of the release of the documents, businesses are now ready to move forward to comply with the amended APPI. This article mainly focuses on the guidelines and Q&As; we describe how businesses should revise their privacy notices, which play a key role in business practice.

Please note the amendments to the Personal Information Protection Law of 2021 will be enforced simultaneously on April 1, 2022, and article numbers of the previous APPI applicable to the private sector will shift (these amendments will focus on

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