Police warn again about dangers FluBot

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Dozens of Dutch people have become victims of FluBot. They received a text message from a so-called parcel deliverer, containing a malicious link. Instead of tracing the package, unsuspecting victims installed spyware that collected various financial and other data.

In May of this year, FluBot showed itself for the first time in the Netherlands. At the time, a text message was circulating among Android users that a package was on its way for them. This message was supposedly from DHL, UPS or another courier service. To track the package, an application had to be downloaded and installed.

That’s when all the trouble started. The app could not be opened and did not respond to finger touches in any way. In the background, the app stole personal data and checked whether you had apps for cryptocurrency or crypto wallets on your smartphone. In addition, the malware changed bank account numbers and amounts when you transfer money using a banking app. Victims often only found out about this after the transaction had been completed.

Because FluBot collected

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