Police roll up international ransomware gang

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In a major international operation, enforcement agencies from eight different countries have arrested a total of 12 suspects. They are probably part of an international ransomware gang that targeted targets vital infrastructure. They are estimated to have killed more than 1,800 in 71 countries.

That letter is from Europol and the police in a press statement.

Police seize cash and data carriers

In the early morning of Tuesday, October 26, police from Switzerland and Ukraine raided the homes of the suspects. When the homes were searched, the police seized more than 52,000 euros in cash, as well as five luxury vehicles, expensive watches and data carriers such as laptops and smartphones. Traces were found that indicate that the suspects were involved in spreading ransomware. The police also found clues on the devices that could lead enforcement authorities to the money earned by the criminals.

A total of 55 detectives travelled to Ukraine to support the local police, including four Dutch digital specialists. They helped secure the data carriers they found

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