Police cybercrime team takes website with hacked servers offline

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The cybercrime team of the East Brabant police has taken a website offline on which criminals sold hacked servers. With this, the team prevented people from becoming victims of hackers, scams or computer breaches. This is reported by the police on its website.

Course of the investigation

The police discovered the website, which served as a kind of criminal online marketplace, through a tip. The information came from Germany about a website hosted in the Netherlands that supposedly sold hacked servers. This information was important because, according to the police: “Once in possession of such a hacked server, it is always used for criminal purposes .” The cybercrime team launched an investigation into this.

It soon became apparent that criminals were indeed offering compromised servers through the website. “In order to clarify what was hidden behind this, the cybercrime team gained access to four Dutch servers by using various investigative methods,” the police said. In this way, the team provided valuable information. The police were able to identify, approach, and inform victims by means of IP addresses, among other things. The victims were not aware of the hack.

The police confiscated the server of the website in question. The team also made the backup server inaccessible. The data on the server is secured. All legitimate users of the offered IP addresses, in this case, the victims, have been approached by the police. They received a message stating that they were victims of computer intrusion and what measures to take.

Approach cybercrime differently from normal crime

The cybercrime team

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