Police arrest 9 suspects in Belgian phishing investigation

Police arrest 9 suspects in Belgian phishing investigation

The Dutch police have arrested nine suspects in various parts of our country. They are suspected of being part of a criminal organization that has made millions of euros through phishing. The extradition procedure to Belgium has been initiated.

The police reported this in a press release on Tuesday evening.

Suspects stole millions of euros from victims via phishing

At the request of the Belgian police and the East Flanders Public Prosecutor’s Office, police units from the Amsterdam, Central Netherlands, West Brabant, Rotterdam, East Netherlands and The Hague regions searched 24 homes. A firearm, expensive designer clothing, luxury watches and tens of thousands of euros in cash were seized.

The suspects are eight men between the ages of 25 and 36 from Amsterdam, Almere, Rotterdam and Spijkenisse. A 25-year-old woman from Deventer was also arrested. They are suspected of phishing, internet scams and money laundering.

The suspects approached their victims via email, text message or WhatsApp. The message in question included a URL that redirected them to a fake bank page. There, the victims had to enter their login details. The perpetrators used this information to gain access to their victim’s bank accounts. In this way, the suspects are estimated to have managed to loot millions of euros.

‘Combating cross-border crime’

The Belgian public prosecutor of East Flanders submitted an investigation order to the Public Prosecution Service in Amsterdam. They were asked to arrest the suspects and search their homes for evidence. On Tuesday morning, June 21, several police

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