Police arrest 14 money mules on suspicion of phishing

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After extensive investigations into phishing, the police have arrested 14 money mules in recent months. A file was drawn up against 12 of them and forwarded to the Public Prosecution Service. The public prosecutor determines whether they will be prosecuted.

The case started when a couple from Breda became the victim of phishing in January of this year. After the couple had done their banking, nothing seemed to be going on at first. A few days later, the couple was called by the bank that large amounts had been debited from their account. In total, the couple lost more than 300,000 euros.

The police suspect that the scammers have requested a new bank card and that they have fished it out of the couple’s letterbox. With that, the criminals had access to the couple’s accounts and transferred funds to various accounts. They then bought bitcoins with the money.

To transfer the money, the scammers used bank accounts of money mules. These are people (often vulnerable young people ) who make their bank account available to criminals. In

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