Play-To-Earn Game Token Collapses After Hacker Cashes Out

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WonderHero, a cryptocurrency-based play-to-earn game, announced on Thursday that it was suspending all services after the price of its token crashed dramatically after a hacker was able to mint the game’s token and cash out for around $300,000. 


In an official announcement, WonderHero confirmed that “there was an attack on our cross-chain bridging withdrawal,” and that “ the attackers managed to get the signature and minted 80M $WND,” referring to the game’s cryptocurrency. 

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the price of WonderHero’s token (WND) plummeted by nearly 50 percent on Thursday morning after the hacker cashed out. Before confirming the hack, the company wrote on Twitter that “we understand that the community is concerned with the sudden WND price drop. Our team is looking into this issue and we will update as soon as we can,” WonderHero tweeted. 

In another tweet, the company said that it was suspending virtually all operations, including game services, smart contracts, deposits, withdrawals, and trading services.

WonderHero is an anime-inspired mobile RPG game set in a future where “Earth has been polluted by the aftermath of nuclear war, with the last of human civilization moving to inhabit the massive space station, Icarus VI,” according to the game’s official site. Players collect characters’, weapons, and equipment that are all NFTs. To upgrade them, the players have to purchase or

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