Pick Your Vishing Avatar

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This newsletter is unique because we have two writers this month: Curt and Shelby. Over the past two years of working together, we have analyzed our approaches to vishing and the rapport building techniques that we each naturally lean towards. We have done this so we can better understand our own strengths, as well as learn from one another. You will probably identify more with one of our approaches than the other. We are bringing our observations into one place for you to read and share your thoughts with us. And maybe they even help you pick your vishing avatar…

Shelby: Vishing Prep

As I begin writing, I see Curt’s notes on his vishing setup procedure. The chaos of the notes alone causes my anxiety to rise. However, I remind myself to breathe, the same reminder I give myself each time I begin a new vishing campaign.

I have my handwritten pretext notes set out before me, complete with colorful highlights and doodles. All my

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