Pichai keeps silent that Chrome collects data in Incognito mode

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Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, is said to have deliberately concealed that the Incognito mode of the Chrome web browser collects data from users. Lorraine Twohill, head of marketing at Google, is said to have advised the CEO to avoid the term “private” because it could lead to misconceptions. Pichai disregarded his warning, wanting to prevent the issue from coming under a magnifying glass.

That writes the American news agency Reuters on the basis of new documents that have been submitted to the court.

Incognito mode is not the same as anonymous

If you use Google Chrome as your web browser and browse the web in Incognito mode, are you anonymous on the world wide web? Many think so: after all, incognito means ‘unrecognizable’ or ‘under a pseudonym’. In other words, not directly traceable back to the user.

In reality, Google knows all about whoever uses Incognito Mode. The search giant knows, among other things, which websites you visit, how long you stay there, what device you use, from which location you are

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