Personal data 21 million VPN users on the street

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The private data of 21 million VPN users is offered for free on Telegram. In total, this concerns 10 GB of data. The hackers may be holding back some of the stolen data.

VPNmentor reports that.

Data from free VPN providers

The database with all personal data was published on Saturday 7 May via a Telegram channel. This is a SQL dump of 10 GB in total. According to the tech site, the dataset consists of 21 million rows, which means that 21 million users are affected by the data breach.

Names, usernames, email addresses, country of origin and financial information have ended up on the streets. This also applies to regular users and members with a premium subscription. Finally, password strings have also been leaked. The passwords are secured, which makes cracking them more difficult. But not impossible.

The data comes from users of GeckoVPN, SuperVPN and ChatVPN. These are all free VPN providers. Curious about the best free VPNs of the moment? Then read our overview, where we take a closer look at our favourite free VPN providers.

Perpetrators may be withholding information

It is not the first time that we write about the stolen private data of VPN users. In March 2021 (presumably the same) data was already put up for sale. At that time, it was about the same data from the same VPN providers. The big difference with now is that the data has been dumped in a Telegram channel and everyone can download the dataset for free.

VPNmentor says there are indications that the perpetrators may not have left all

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