Organisational Strategy Consultancy – Invitation to Tender

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Staff Strategy and Planning Away Days / Workshop 

Background and introduction

We’re looking to bring in an external organisational strategy consultant / facilitator to design, deliver and facilitate ORG’s first ‘in-person’ two-day workshop for a newly expanded staff team to ensure our ‘Strategic Priority Areas’ as defined by ‘The Strategy (2022-2025)’ are fully aligned with our ‘Strategic Objectives’ (goals) and a range of ‘outcomes’, ‘outputs’, ‘activities’, and ‘tasks’ across a range of our ‘programmes’, ‘projects’, and ‘campaigns’. 


Below information will provide further context. 

We have a robust high-level Organisational Strategy known as ‘The Strategy (2022-2025)’, approved by the Board. Our ‘Strategic Priority Areas’ stem from ‘The Strategy (2022-2025).  We have a number of new staff members who have joined our organisation recently. Some of their time (alongside existing staff members) are funded by the grants (project-based/restricted funding). We have a number of new grant projects which means staff will have to deliver ‘outcomes’, produce ‘outputs’, and conduct ‘activities’ to fulfill grant project objectives over the next few months and years. These are theoretically in line with ‘Strategic Priority Areas’ due to the nature of the grant projects, but should also in practice be seen to be in line with our ‘Strategic Priority Areas’ (as defined by ‘The Strategy (2022-2025)’).  New staff members who are funded by new grant projects are now more or less familiar with ‘outcomes’, ‘outputs’, ‘activities’, and ‘tasks’ which they’re individually or collectively responsible for as part of grant projects. They are currently in the process of fleshing out all of these responsibilities as part of

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