Opening Day for the LogicGate HQ Office

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Spring is here. Which brings new beginnings and hope for a new season. For a Chicago-based company, it also means Opening Day at Wrigley Field. Echoes of Harry Caray.

At LogicGate, we had our own Opening Day of sorts with the reopening of our HQ office! And to help us field our best team, we are happy to welcome a new Chief People Officer, Caroline Werner. Caroline has already hit the ground running and you may have heard her and Matt chatting about the “Great Resignation” on a recent GRC & Me episode

But, back to Opening Day. 

The team at LogicGate has been excited and eager to get back into the office and reunite. These last few years have given us a lot of time to reflect and focus on what’s important. For our leadership team, there are a few key questions they’ve kept at the forefront of conversations when they were making the decision to reopen. Outside of aligning to state and county guidelines, they were talking about how we can ensure team members are staying engaged now that some people will work some combination of being in the office or at home and how to make everyone feel included. There’s no easy answer, but everyone at LogicGate has been encouraged to keep the following things in mind:

Give each other and yourself plenty of grace Stay flexible and assume positive intent Support each other and recognize that everyone’s working situations are different Put energy into creating

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