Open source: Google is going to pay developers to make projects more secure

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Google is backing a new project from the Linux Foundation to the tune of $1 million that aims to bolster the security of critical open-source projects. 

Rather than a bug bounty, Google’s latest investment – a part of its $10 billion pledge to President Biden’s cybersecurity push – seeks to address potential security issues before they become bugs through improvements in hardening software against attacks. 

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Dubbed Secure Open Source (SOS), the pilot program run by the Linux Foundation, “financially rewards developers for enhancing the security of critical open-source projects”. 

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The rewards range from “$10,000 or more” for hardening software in a way that prevents major bugs to $505 for “small improvements” that have merit, according to a Google blogpost

Rewards of between $5,000 to $10,000 are available for “moderately complex improvements that offer compelling security

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