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29 June, 2022 Submission to Parliament on Online Safety Bill

SUBMISSION TO PARLIAMENT Addressing automated, arbitrary, algorithmic censorship in the Online Safety BillJune 2022 Contents About Open Rights Group 2 Addressing automated, arbitrary algorithmic censorship 2 Our concerns and recommendations 2 Summary 3 Automated censorship and arbitrary restrictions 4 Content moderation systems 5 Arbitrary restrictions 6 Why prevent has a special meaning (prior restraint) 9 Hands, face, age-gate 9 Ministerial powers to interfere with speech 10 Chat controls, to do lists and the spy in the your pocket 11 User Dis- Empowerment 13 Rights for online speech 13 Procedural safeguards and effective remedies 15 User experiences of restrictive content moderation measures 15 Procedural safeguards against arbitrary take-downs 16 About Open Rights Group Open Rights Group (ORG) is the leading UK-based digital campaigning organisation.

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