One of America’s most hated companies hired a security robot. It didn’t go well

Annoying the neighbors?

Can a robot bring you peace of mind?

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This has, for some time, been a conundrum that’s wafted around my inner workings.

If robots are so clever — and some surely are — they can protect us from all sorts of nefarious threats and intrusions. From other robots, for example.

So when I first heard that a company called Knightscope had created security robots that patrolled buildings, I was unnaturally moved.

How would the local, inferior humans react? I learned this quickly when a human was accused of assaulting one of these things at the company’s own offices in Mountain View, California.

Yet I continued to get emails from the company, as its business apparently flourished. Even when one of its security robots fell into a shopping mall fountain.

Recently, though, I heard that a local company — one at which many customers are irate — had hired one of Knightscope’s rolling software sheriffs.

California utility PG&E has become notorious for its arrogant, monopolistic attitude and its role in devastating fires. In 2020, its CEO stood and pleaded guilty to 84 cases of involuntary manslaughter during the Camp Fire in northern California.

So I wasn’t entirely surprised when PG&E decided to employ an autonomous security robot at its 19th and Folson Street yard in San Francisco and locals were less than entertained.

One resident told Mission Local: “People without homes

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