OM demands prison sentences for suspects Marktplaats fraud

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OM demands prison sentences for suspects Marktplaats fraud

In a year and a half, two suspects have defrauded almost a hundred people via Marktplaats. The men contacted their victims via the trading platform to extract their bank details and to empty their bank accounts. The men abused the trust of their victims. That is why the public prosecutor is demanding prison terms ranging from 18 months to 40 months.

That says the Public Prosecution Service (OM) in a press statement.

This is how the suspects proceeded

The case came into play when several people from Gouda filed a report in the spring of 2021, in which one and the same form of fraud repeatedly emerged. The victims had all been approached by the suspects via Marktplaats after they had placed an advertisement online. They asked them to create a PostNL shipping label.

Then they received a message containing a link that led to a fake website. According to the public prosecutor, it was indistinguishable from the real thing. Through this page, the scammers tried to steal the bank details of their victims. We also call this method phishing.

The investigation led to two suspects: a 22-year-old from Beneden-Leeuwen and a 23-year-old man from Tiel. The suspects acted shrewdly: time and again they stole names and photos from existing Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Thus, it was impossible for the victims to determine the real identities of the ‘sellers’.

OM does not believe anything about the suspect’s expression of regret

Both men were in court on Tuesday in The Hague. The

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