NSO Group was once again in negative limelight for its spyware and drone technology

The Israeli spyware company “NSO Group” used at least three different methods for compromising iphones when targeting human right activists in 2022 according to a report by the Canadian based Citizen Lab, internet watchdog.

Last year, NSO Group was used to launch at least three “zero click” attacks on the iPhones of civil society members. Its renowned “Pegasus” spyware used to collect information from a device and also use its cameras and microphones for real-time surveillance.

The hacking methods used against the devices belonging to the members of Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez AC Human Rights Center, known as Centro Prodh, a Mexican human rights group.

Not only in spyware, NSO also tried its luck in drone segment but unsuccessful in that attempt. In 2020, NSO Group acquired drone technology start-up named Convexum in a cash deal of US$60 million. It was based in Tel-Aviv, develops counter-drone technologies to combat malicious drones and land them safely on the ground. It was founded by IDF Intelligence Unit 8200 veterans Gilad Sahar and Niv Magen in 2015, Convexum also offers security solutions to mitigate drone threats as its service.

However, due to some disputes over financial matters Convexum has continually sought to distance itself from its former owner, Israeli cyber-intelligence company NSO Group.

NSO group have always seen as a notorious hacking group, it has been true to say that NSO did not able to succeed in both the segment.

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