Note to Cloud Security Email Subscribers and RSS readers

Medium forces me to put a paywall in front of my stories in order to prevent the entire post from going out in email or RSS. That functionality is problematic for a few reasons.

Some RSS feed users blatantly copy the entire story and repost it, forcing me to take the time to report the copyright infringement to Google as I wrote here:

Is Someone Sabotaging your Blog?

Those actions may be intentional or not, but either way they are harmful to my blog, so I’m using an alternate approach to try to resolve the issue. My blogs will be temporarily behind a paywall when initially published.

If you see anyone blatantly copying my blog on an another website, I would appreciate if you let me know on Twitter or LinkedIn so I can resolve the issue.

In addition, I would prefer that people visit the blog to read the full story, if interested in the topic. I find typos or fix issues with the blog later. The blogs are usually automated to go out at 9 a.m. each day, and I might be able to fix an issue before someone gets around to read it.

Sorry, I don’t make enough off Medium to pay an editor (you can see a screenshot of how much I get paid per month in my story on what happened to my Stripe account, which will stay behind a paywall for various reasons). I am more interested in getting content out quickly than perfection at the moment. I have a lot of ground to cover.


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