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Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Migrant Digital Justice newsletter! There’s lots to share with you; so I’ll get on with it!

News round-up

Since the last newsletter, we’ve published our How to Fight Data Discrimination Toolkit, participated in the first European Digital Rights (EDRi) Colour of Surveillance Europe Conference and held a round table on the draft Online Safety Bill (OSB) for groups and organisations working with communities that are marginalised and vulnerable.

We’ve also been having conversations with several of you about the weaponisation of social media, specifically requests for social media logins and passwords to determine a child or young person’s age. 

The Conservative Party leadership election meant that a second hearing in Parliament of the draft Data Protection and Digital Information Bill has been postponed, with no date confirmed as yet to reschedule. We’re closely monitoring what Liz Truss’ government will mean for the future of data protection in the UK and will keep you all posted on the next phase of our Stop Data Discrimination campaign. 

We’re always working to strengthen our relationships with the migrants’ rights sector and this includes migrants with lived experience and expertise. As Gracie Mae Bradley noted at the launch event for our toolkit: 

To succeed at fighting the harms of certain technologies we really need to understand our history. We need to understand how state racism works … we also need to respect the expertise of people at the sharpest ends of state power and that’s something that hasn’t

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