New phishing scam via Netflix and other streaming services

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New phishing scam via Netflix and other streaming services

Scammers have recently been posing as Netflix and other streaming services. This is what cybersecurity company Kaspersky said in its report on Wednesday.

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are easy to use for phishing scams. All these services work with a credit card. Kaspersky: “And where there are credit card details, there are phishing scams”.

Both people who do not yet have a subscription to the streaming services and people with a subscription run the risk of becoming victims. This is done in two different ways.

Not a customer yet

If you don’t have a subscription yet, you will receive emails with great deals. You will see the pages where you normally create an account. However, these pages are fake. The email address you entered and the payment details, therefore, end up in the hands of the scammers.

In addition, scammers use popular shows to bring in fans without subscriptions. For example, a teaser of The Mandalorian was

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