New law will issue bans, fines for using default passwords on smart devices

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The idea of connecting your entire home to the internet was once a mind-blowing concept. Thanks to smart devices, that concept is now a reality. However, this technological advancement aimed at making our lives more convenient—not to mention very cool and futuristic!—has also opened a wide door for potential cybercriminals.

New figures from a recent investigation conducted by Which?, the UK’s leading consumer awareness and review site, say that smart devices could be exposed to over 12,000 hacking and unknown scanning attacks in a single week. And smart devices are big news—a study commissioned by the UK government in 2020 revealed that almost half (49 percent) of UK residents purchased at least one smart device since the pandemic started.

And because of our high propensity to forgo changing default passwords that came with the smart devices we buy, we’re essentially putting ourselves—our homes and our family’s data and privacy—at the forefront of online attacks without us knowing.

To help address this cybersecurity and privacy problem,

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