NCSC: ‘Passwords most insecure form of authentication’

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To access an account or profile, we almost always rely on a combination of username and password. However, it is the most insecure form of authentication because this information is easy to retrieve. There are stronger authentication methods that offer more protection against hackers and other malicious parties.

That writes the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC). The agency published the fact sheet ‘Authenticating adults – use secure means for authentication’ on Monday. In it, the NCSC advises us to arrange the security of sensitive and confidential data in an appropriate manner.

Protect data with password

If your username and password end up in the wrong hands, it can have dire consequences. Think, for example, of an internet criminal who orders expensive products with your account, or who takes all your savings from you. If you are lucky, your bank will reimburse the damage suffered. In the worst case, you can whistle your hard-earned money and have to take your loss for your own account.

Unauthorized access is a thorny issue not only for citizens but also for companies and organizations that process sensitive and confidential data. In practice, access to one account often means that he can also penetrate accounts of other employees and systems of the organization. And that he has access to stored data. In short, it is very important for them to protect their data against external influences.

Username and password least secure authentication method

To protect sensitive data, companies rely on:

something one knows, such as a username plus password: something one is, think of biometric

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