NATO top-secrets allegedly stolen in Portugal are being sold on the darknet

Unknown hackers attacked the General Staff of the Portuguese Armed Forces (EMGFA) and put up for sale secret NATO documents, which, according to them, they managed to get as a result of the hack. An investigation has been launched, but there is no official statement yet.

US counterintelligence found on the dark web an announcement of the sale of hundreds of important messages sent by NATO to Portugal. As evidence of the theft, the seller published samples of documents marked “Secret” and “Confidential”.

The scandalous incident was made known by the local publication Diário de Notícias . Referring to authoritative sources, they write that the systems of not only the EMGFA, but also the military Information and Security Center (CISMIL) and the Main Directorate of Defense Resources of the country were hacked.

As it turned out, the hackers managed to go unnoticed for a long time – the US News Agency, through the embassy in Lisbon, reported the attack to the Portuguese Prime Minister back in August last year. To search for the necessary information, the attackers used bots and downloaded the found documents in small portions.

The preliminary investigation also showed that the theft was possible due to the violation of OpSec procedures by the Portuguese military: they often used insecure channels to exchange sensitive information.

To conduct an audit of the entire intercom system of the Ministry of Defense, the military invited experts from the National Security Administration (GNS) and the Portuguese Cyber ​​Security Center. The amount of

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