My Journey of eJPT

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HI HI!! Finally, I made my mind to write on the journey when I became eJPT (eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester) which came to an end on 8th June 2021.

I’ll take you through my journey on how it all started to, how I got to know about INE and ELS (eLearnSecurity) to, how did I study and practice for exam and, what did I get as a result. Let’s start 🙂

So it all started back then on April 2021 when Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2021 hosted by HackTheBox was going on. It was a Capture The Flag event in which you were given a type (there are many types, for eg, pwn or reverse engg, web, misc. etc) challenge and we’ve to solve those challenges in order to gain points and move upwards on leaderboard. Ofcourse, we’re not playing as solo. Everyone had a team (max of 10 members) and so do I. I’m the captain of my team and my team name was DOTexe and we have total

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