Musk, The Anti-Censorship Crusader, Allegedly Shadowbanned An Account Tracking His Private Jet


Sweeney, a first-year student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, says he uses publicly available transponder data from Musk’s private plane to track its location. That data, which includes the plane’s altitude, latitude, longitude, and heading are then fed into an algorithm he created. The @ElonJet bot then takes that information and Tweets out when Musk takes off and lands.

Hours after he published his thread and after Gizmodo and other media organizations commented on his allegations, Sweeney published a new tweet saying it appeared Twitter had lifted its restrictions.

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“It appears @ElonJet is longer banned or hidden in anyway,” Sweeney wrote. “I think Twitter noticed my tweets and back tracked.” Sweeney published a screenshot from a service purporting to track the status of supposedly shadowbanned. Gizmodo was unable to independently confirm those tests and Twitter did not respond to a follow up request for comment.

Though similar trackers exist for other major figures like Mark Zuckerberg, Drake, and Jeff Bezos, ElonJet stands apart because it’s managed to draw the sustained ire of its target. Back in January, Sweeney told The New York Times Musk personally reached out to him over DMs asking him to remove the bot in exchange for $5,000. Sweeney counter offered, saying he would consider deactivating the account for $50,000 or even an internship at one of Musk’s

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