‘Multiple security breaches’ shut down trucker protest

An anti-government protest by truckers in Canada has been called off following “multiple security breaches,” according to organizers, who also cited “personal character attacks,” as a reason for the withdrawal.

Canada Unity, one of the groups that organized last year’s so-called Freedom Convoy – during which truckers and others overtook Canadian city streets to protest mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations – has canceled a repeat demonstration planned for February 17 to 20, according to a press release posted to the group’s Facebook page.

“As a result of these security breaches that are beyond our control, I cannot in good conscience guarantee Public Safety as I promised, nor can I guarantee other Team Canada Unity Freedom Convoy National Partners that could be deemed as convoy organizers, protection from being charged under Ontario’s Bill 100 Act,” wrote James Bauder, one of the group’s organizers, in a post that has since been removed

“As a result, the Canada Unity Convoy for Freedom – Freedom Convoy will remain Officially 10-7 until further notice,” he continued. For the uninitiated 10-7 is both the CB radio code for Signing off and the Canadian police code for Out of Service.

Bauder didn’t provide specifics about the alleged hack and could not be reached for comment. He was among the people arrested in February 2020 after the anti-vaxx and mask protests that shut down Ottawa streets for a month turned violent

In late December, Bauder announced plans for a second convoy, dubbed “World Unity Convoy,” in Winnipeg with a

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