Mullvad VPN cancels installment payments in the name of privacy

It is no longer possible to take out an automatic renewal subscription with VPN provider Mullvad. People can still use the service when they pay in one go, instead of in instalments. Anyone who has a subscription is advised to cancel it within six months. If your subscription expires during this period, it will not be automatically renewed. Mullvad reports this in a blog post.

Mullvad has a fixed price per month, whether you take out a subscription for a month, a year or ten years. They always had the option of automatic renewal after the contract term. So this will end soon. The VPN provider will let you take out the same subscriptions, but you will have to pay the entire amount in one go.

Payment details and privacy

Credit card or PayPal information is personal. Still, companies, like Mullvad, need it to deliver the service. This information is also often used for the provision of refunds. If you opt for automatic renewal of your subscription, your payment details must also be kept for as long as you keep the subscription. All this time, the data is stored with the VPN service.

As long as your personal information is stored on a server, it is at risk. For example, a criminal who gains access to the server can steal your payment details. Even employees of an organization themselves can sometimes have bad intentions.

Solution Mullvad

The main purpose of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is to keep your anonymity on the internet. Mullvad himself also wants to know as little

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