Mullvad expands blocking filter to include gambling and sex sites

VPN provider Mullvad has expanded its DNS blocking service with two new filters: gambling sites and websites with erotic content. In this way, the provider tries to do something against gambling and sex addiction. The company promises to add more sites to the block list in the future.

Mullvad reports this on his blog.

This is a VPN: in a nutshell

A Virtual Private Network or  VPN  is a tool that establishes an encrypted connection between your computer and the internet. Thanks to a VPN, all your data traffic is sent to an external VPN server. This server then contacts the website you are trying to visit and forwards anonymized data to your devices.

Because your IP address and location are no longer visible to everyone, you are a lot more anonymous. Because the connection is encrypted, you are a lot safer from hackers and cybercriminals. Finally, a VPN gives you access to content that would otherwise be blocked due to geographical restrictions, such as the American Netflix library.

A VPN is the ideal means of surfing the web securely and anonymously and accessing relevant information. Thanks to a VPN, you can visit them without any problems in countries where specific sites are blocked. As a critical journalist or human rights activist, you don’t have to worry about someone secretly looking over your shoulder. A VPN is also recommended if you live in the Netherlands. You want to be able to arrange your banking in a safe way, without hackers, governments, internet providers, websites or employers secretly

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