MOU between DPAs: Brazil, Spain to collaborate on data protection governance

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The data protection authorities of Brazil and Spain issued a joint memorandum outlining an interagency collaboration project that involves sharing institutional resources, expertise and experience. The collaboration is the first such international effort of its kind by the nascent Brazilian DPA since the country’s omnibus privacy law, the General Data Protection Law, went into effect last year. The memo outlines the structure of the collaboration and includes general objectives and commitments, and it allows for future amendments to the collaboration between the international sovereigns. Here are some of the highlights.

Objectives of the collaboration include Laying the foundations for institutional collaboration between the Brazilian and Spanish DPAs. Ensuring joint cooperation on personal data protection enforcement. Providing a framework for the exchange of technical knowledge and best practices in order to strengthen the technical capabilities of both DPAs related to the enforcement of personal data protection law. The memo establishes several general commitments between the DPAs Establishing technical cooperation on governing and

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