More Network Security Monitoring Tools Doesn’t Mean More Visibility

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Network security monitoring tools are a critical component of any IT security toolkit. These resources monitor and manage your network for cyber risk by scanning your organization’s digital assets for security vulnerabilities and threats.

But as digital ecosystems have expanded into the cloud, remote locations, and across geographies – the number of monitoring tools has skyrocketed. According to a survey by 451 Research, the average IT and security team uses between 10 and 30 monitoring tools for applications, network infrastructures, and cloud environments – with 8% using between 21 and 30 tools!

Yet these siloed solutions can create more exposure. Because security teams are buried in a sea of data and alerts, they might miss something important.

So, what are the most appropriate network security monitoring tools for the job? Let’s look at three tools and strategies organizations can use to effectively mitigate risk.

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