Monitor Your Risks in Tugboat Logic

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Risk is one of the most important components of your InfoSec program. Most companies complete their first risk assessment to fulfill SOC 2 or ISO 27001 requirements, but risk management becomes a core tenant of your overall security objectives over time. So earlier this year, we prioritized supporting your risk assessments and management throughout the compliance journey. And today, we’re rolling out more support through our new Risk Dashboard.

Our Risk Assessment walks you through identifying your strategic objectives and building the applicable Risk Register. With these identified risks, we help you rate, mitigate and monitor them. But, as your company grows, monitoring and reporting those risks is crucial to ensuring you’re maximizing resources and minimizing threats to your organization. We understand the struggle to scale effectively. And that’s why enterprise customers now have access to our Risk Dashboard.

The new Risk Dashboard gives you an overview of your risks and allows you to monitor the status of your risks at a glance. It helps

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