Modern Security Breaches Demand Diligent Planning and Executive Support

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Over the past several months, the traditionally opaque world of cybersecurity has been brought sharply into focus. From the Colonial Pipeline attack to the breach suffered by the meat processing company JBS, 2021 appears to be the year cybercriminals broke into the mainstream, and they’re not slowing down. Every day, I talk with customers who tell me they need help making security easier while making the most of their most valuable resource: their team.

A particularly concerning part of this upward trend has been the apparent rise in “zero-day attacks,” a malicious type of cybersecurity attack that exploits security weaknesses that the vendor, or developer, is unaware of or has yet to address. A few months ago, Google’s Threat Analysis Group published a blog post that highlighted the rise in zero-day attacks. Its research found that, halfway into 2021, there were “33 [zero]-day exploits used in attacks that have been publicly disclosed this year,” 11 more than the total

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